Dr. Marla Prokop Offers Dental Care for Special Medical Conditions

Dental Care for Special Medical Conditions

Is a special medical condition keeping your child from visiting the dentist?

Children who possess an intense fear, high anxiety, or severe developmental, emotional, or behavioral challenges, a trip to the dentist could induce quite a panic. The result is a visit filled with distraught for the patient and caregivers alike. Certain medical conditions may also make a visit to the dentist seem impossible. Proper dental care is imperative for all ages, so you may be filled with dread that your child will not receive the care he or she needs.

Dr. Marla Prokop and Tooth Fairy Smiles has the solution to this dilemma. The office is dedicated to provided caring, holistic, and integrative approach to dental care for special medical conditions.

What is Dr. Prokop’s’s experience?

Dr. Marla Prokop has worked for years with special populations. At the start of her general practice, she worked closely with the Tooth Fairy Smiles Dr. Marla Kush ProkopChildren’s Aid Society in New York ‘s inner city. The center worked with elementary schools to provided dental exams and treatment for underprivileged students. Many of these children did not have a regular dentist and never before received treatment. Dr. Prokop enjoyed working with the kids and quickly discovered she would pursue a path in pediatric dentistry.She began a residency in DC and Maryland working with this special population, and it only reinforced her love for caring for children. When she moved to Annapolis over 14 years ago and began her practice, she also discovered she had a knack for working with children who have developmental and emotional challenges. The care she provided put parents and patients at ease.

What is Dr. Marla’s partnership with AAMC?

There are always exceptions and patients who, for whatever reasons, are just not comforted at the office. A few years ago, Dr. Prokop began working with Anne Arundel Medical Center. At the hospital, she can provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients with severe mental, physical or medical challenges. These circumstances include appointments for regular care, such as exams and regular cleaning. But, more importantly will allow for gentle, caring treatment for more complicated procedures like fillings, extractions, caps and crowns.

Through her care and dedication, she has built a reputation for providing excellent care for special populations. Her practice inspired others to follow suit, resulting in making Anne Arundel and AAMC the number one provider of dental treatment for specialized pediatric populations.

Dr. Prokop is often called upon by Anne Arundel Medical Center for emergency dental care. While she does not administer sedation, she has worked to build a strong relationship with the hospital’s pediatric anesthesiologists. Thus, creating team parents and caregivers can trust.

As a mother, Dr. Prokop understands and relates to the concerns parents have regarding their children’s dental health. She is dedicated to providing proper and caring treatment for all her patients. If you have any special concerns about your child contact Tooth Fairy Smiles today to schedule a consultation.