Teeth Eruptions—Baby and Permanent Teeth Timeline

As a parent, you will learn a great deal about the human body once you help your child learn how to care for themselves. From bath time to brushing teeth, children must learn how to care for themselves. And, it is the job of the parent to teach the child the proper way to do things. One area in which parents must learn about the body is teeth. Teeth will vary in size, shape, and location based on the individual. The differences in the teeth will result in how the child will be able to speak, chew, and smile.

At birth, individuals usually have 20 primary teeth which are also known as baby teeth. Teeth eruptions usually begin around six months of age but can be earlier or later depending on the individual. The baby teeth will then shed or fall out at different times throughout the child’s life. By the age of 21, each of the 32 permanent teeth should have erupted from the gums.

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It is important to ensure that your child’s teeth are well cared for. The teeth should be cleaned on a regular basis by a dental professional. They should also be brushed regularly by you or the child, depending on their age and dexterity. Below is a suggested teeth timeline to follow to understand when the baby teeth should erupt and the permanent teeth should come in. With this chart, you can determine if your child’s teeth are developing at the right rate.

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These charts are only basic guides. Your dentist will be able to help determine if your child is on track with teeth eruption or if they need assistance. In most cases, children will erupt their teeth within the time frame of the chart or soon after the age range.